Return Policy

Please review the details below on our return policy. The information below will be included on all invoices at the time of sale which dictates the terms of your purchase as well as other important information.



– All order will be shipped within 3-5 Business days from the time payment is made unless disclosed otherwise.

– You are responsible to book and pay for shipping unless otherwise stated on the invoice.

– Box shipments – Please respond to this email with shipping labels

– (Pallet) LTL shipments- Please respond to this email with Pallet Labels & BOL



– Quickbooks Direct ACH – You can pay directly by clicking on the invoice and entering your payment information

– Wire or ACH Transfer – Please respond requesting our bank information.

– Check – Please respond requesting our company information



– All products are sold in “New” condition and you have a 3 day refund policy from the time you or your shipping address receives the shipment if you decide you don’t want the product.

– Any claims (including but not limited to: shortage, defective, item not matching description, etc.) must be submitted with valid proof within 30 days of shipment to Deals For Prime Inc

– Any claims will be settled in a court sitting in the City of Boston.

– Deals For Prime Inc makes no statement regarding your eligibility to sell any products on Amazon or other marketplaces.

– By accepting this invoice, you indemnify Deals For Prime Inc from any lawsuits arising from the sale of these goods.

– Deals For Prime Inc shall be entitled to all attorney and court costs should Deals For Prime Inc prevail in any litigation.


Thanks for your business!


Deals For Prime Inc